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Heaven & Hell

What is heaven?  What is hell?  Those who think they know, will do their best to try and explain it to others and convince them of the benefits of heaven and drill the fear of hell into them! These fear based concepts seem to work for a lot of people. […]

To love as God loves?

We are a species, connected to other living things on this planet. We affect each other with every single choice we make and with every single choice, we are either promoting welfare on this planet or creating destruction. We are in charge of these choices. Granted, there are things in […]

Disorders of life?

It is a prominent thing in our society to feel that we need to have a label for what is happening to us. Is it so uncommon to hear that he has Cancer, she has Down Syndrome, my child suffers from ADHD, his children are both Autistic, I have Asthma, […]

No place for love in faith

Walking comfortably through the silent night on the paved sidewalk back towards his house, Tim abruptly halted and looked at the strange scene in front of him. The street lamps lit the area very well and a person could easily see what was happening all around the neighborhood. James, his friend and […]