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Hypnosis and Religion – What is the deal?

A woman recently commented on one of my adverts on Facebook: Hypnosis is a no-no as a Christian, STAY AWAY!!! Do your own research…  The word ‘research’ should not even be in her vocabulary. If she did a bit of research into the subject without prejudice, she would find that […]


10 Uses for Hypnosis & Counselling

Hypnosis, does it work? Is is weird?  What is it all about and is it like Counselling with tricks? Nope. If you do just a little bit of research you will find studies that negate the efficacy of Hypnosis and other studies that say Hypnosis works very well. So what […]

Which trees would you destroy?

Imagine walking on a narrow dusty path with nothing surrounding you but dirt and dust as far as your eyes can see. Every now and again on this dusty path, there is a hill that you can go over. You do not know what lies beyond the next hill but […]

Dancing with yourself

Rhythmically moving through space and time feeling the undulating, manifesting divine. Perfectly playing within the essence mine growing understanding that is simply sublime. These atoms vibrating at an incredible pace merely interact with what our thoughts put into place. The master beholds duality to be true this master resides deep […]