Thank you, but you shouldn’t have…

Do you ever thank someone for something and then immediately afterwards tell them that they shouldn’t have. Have you ever told someone you love them and then linked the statement with the word but? Here are a few examples: I love you, but…. Thank you, but you shouldn’t have… What a nice gift, […]

Meditation for Children

Meditation for Children

It is spreading like a viral gossip story, but it is actually serious. Meditation instead of detention for children. Sounds awesome, but there is certainly something wrong with the idea if we do not look at a very important aspect. What type of meditation? In a family where two children […]


Walking this earth with entitlement at the helm. Manifesting desires without worrying about the consequences in the unseen realm. The realm where actions taken, caused ceaseless strife. This strife manifesting over every aspect that we call life. To their opinions they are entitled, but they struggle to leave ego at […]

Introduce yourself

When anger says hello, introduce yourself with, I am peace. When depression calls, answer with, I am divine experience. When sadness shows up, embrace it with, I am understanding. When loneliness manifests, observe it with, I am connected. When doubt arrives too soon, acknowledge it with, I am enough. When lust […]

Hypnosis and Religion – What is the deal?

A woman recently commented on one of my adverts on Facebook: Hypnosis is a no-no as a Christian, STAY AWAY!!! Do your own research…  The word ‘research’ should not even be in her vocabulary. If she did a bit of research into the subject without prejudice, she would find that […]


10 Uses for Hypnosis & Counselling

Hypnosis, does it work? Is is weird?  What is it all about and is it like Counselling with tricks? Nope. If you do just a little bit of research you will find studies that negate the efficacy of Hypnosis and other studies that say Hypnosis works very well. So what […]

Which trees would you destroy?

Imagine walking on a narrow dusty path with nothing surrounding you but dirt and dust as far as your eyes can see. Every now and again on this dusty path, there is a hill that you can go over. You do not know what lies beyond the next hill but […]

Dancing with yourself

Rhythmically moving through space and time feeling the undulating, manifesting divine. Perfectly playing within the essence mine growing understanding that is simply sublime. These atoms vibrating at an incredible pace merely interact with what our thoughts put into place. The master beholds duality to be true this master resides deep […]


Lying in a tiny puddle of her own tears, she wondered what she did wrong? She wondered why she was in this room. Why did she choose this room again? Why never the other one? Her finely woven light blue dress was curved in a way reminiscent of a used towel thrown […]

For Life

A tree withers, a rose blooms, a castle majestic once, now in ruins. If love is gained and life is lost, what then will be eternity’s cost? A hand stretches out, manifestation of soul, unto itself it has one goal. To savour love, to relish being, who then can perceive […]