The Essence of Love

Explanation of how I feel towards you, will always be challenging because of our different view. I wish I could let you feel what I feel and have felt, but I do not wish for you to dwell where I have dwelt. In the darkest deepest corners of the mind, […]


  Courage (From Latin word cor meaning heart): Original definition when it first came into the English language was to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. To be ourselves is probably one of the hardest things we can do. We have a fear of judgement that forms […]

Mountain of Life

“Inch by inch, life’s a cinch, yard by yard, life is hard” Greeting me like an indescribable enigmatic entity, the mountain stood in front of me. Looking up at its pure magnanimity made my head rush! Although using a word that describes a great mind does not seem apt in […]

Feeble Fallible Fading Fantasy

Live in the dark? No! Live in the light! We try to avoid pain with all our might. Supposed experts say, stay positive, things will change. The reality is actually more strange. We grasp for knowledge of how to be, what to eat, how to live. Science, logic and intelligence […]

To kill heaven

Ascending the slippery slope to salvation, preached in every corner of every nation. This illusory route for the just and the fair, causes the masses to only have confusion and despair. We get pushed by talkers that talk the talk, yet, we rarely see any of them who has walked the walk. Eagerly listening and giving away our […]

Infidelity of the Creator

Who created us? Why were we created? Were we created or are we just specks of dust hanging around a cloud of energy of thought? Are we still being created? Did we create ourselves? Who created the creator? Who knows? A creation, gives indication of a creator, or at least in […]

Dark side of Hypnotherapy

  I asked her if she had ever experienced hypnosis before. She said it made her feel uncomfortable. I asked her why it made her feel uncomfortable and she explained what the ‘therapist’ told her: “He told me to take off my top and cover myself with a towel before […]

Letting go – a story of death…

The hairy male baboon’s eyes darted around the area, looking for threats. He knew this was a dangerous place and his life could end immediately. Exposed in the open like he was, was never a good shield against predators. He just could not help himself. He cautiously approached the dead, […]

Are we really loved for who we are without judgment?

“The Comforter will not enforce change onto me, if I have not decided on such change, due to the Comforter’s unconditional Love and respect for my choice of being” – Marcel Lottering Free will. We have heard it before, we may have glimpsed at it from a distance or we […]

Defining Beauty

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – Shakespeare Defining Beauty. What is it? What does it evoke to describe something or someone as beautiful? Do we, or can we define beauty? I think that if we have to […]