Disorders of life?

It is a prominent thing in our society to feel that we need to have a label for what is happening to us. Is it so uncommon to hear that he has Cancer, she has Down Syndrome, my child suffers from ADHD, his children are both Autistic, I have Asthma, […]

No place for love in faith

Walking comfortably through the silent night on the paved sidewalk back towards his house, Tim abruptly halted and looked at the strange scene in front of him. The street lamps lit the area very well and a person could easily see what was happening all around the neighborhood. James, his friend and […]

Truth for Children?

So, here arrives a being on earth. They are born from a mother and father or via artificial insemination. These children are planned or not, loved or not(although it may seem strange that parents cannot love their children, it happens). This little being arrives on this earth totally relying on […]

Who is right about what happens after death?

Do we care what happens after death?  Some people do and I think it is impossible as a human on this planet not to have the thought at least once in our lifetime. There are so many different religions with sincere and not so sincere followers that adhere to their […]

Death of a friend

You were you and therefore you were perfect. You had your weaknesses and your blessings and for a moment in time you even had your peace. While eternity was blinking an eye, we were friends. Not friends who socially interacted much, neither did we spend a lot of time together. […]

Ode to Death

Oh Death you beautiful thing, the freedom of your embrace makes me doubt the living. Your dark seduction that seems so bleak, entices me to take a sneak peek. Those who have tasted the freedom of your embrace, will forever shun this physical rat race. The freedom that you offer […]

Discipline of Love

“Future, yucky. Past, yucky. In this present moment, wow. Now is the One” – Ram Dass What is discipline but the moulding of our beings into something that we resonate with?  Is this morph possible without discipline? Highly unlikely. Any teacher has students but it seems that to become a […]

What is Failure?

“The only failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows” This statement is as profound as it is confusing. Like any good investigator we will have to ask certain questions to find what it is we are looking for. Let us attempt to analyse this […]

Let the river run

To construct mind maps of our reality is nothing new, we all see things from our frame of reference and, depending on our value systems, this frame of reference will continue to change. It made me wonder about the value system of spiritual path takers. The origin of the word […]

What harms us, heals us

Every one of us on this planet goes through pain. Whether it is emotional, physical or even spiritual pain, it happens. Sometimes these feelings are so intense that we would rather accept the temptation of death than to face the fury of our own suffering. What if we accepted one […]