1 Min Stress Management – Online Course


Are you stressed? Do you even know how to become more resilient against the negative effects it has on your well-being? At this moment you may feel lost, may even feel very uncertain about your future and there might be a hint of fear in your being. What if you had a protocol that you can use daily that will take you more or less a minute to complete and will benefit you tremendously? Here is an online course designed to do just that! – Learn 4 crucial skills that will assist you in managing stress levels – Time efficient(Course is broken up into short video lectures) – Downloadable content for personal use included – Tap into a resource that you may have forgotten about Have a look at the free introduction/explanation here:


Psycho- Physical Activity for Kids (5-12)


What to do with children? Why not enroll them in an online course that will complement the situation that they are finding themselves in? Designed to get them moving with fun short challenges and videos, it is a perfect addition to their growth and empowerment. They will also achieve a certificate and not just for participating, but for actually doing the things the need to do, this will build a better experience within their frame of reference.


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