Yes, it is possible to do counselling via email. Think about it, have you ever read something that changed your mind, changed your outlook or even shifted your understanding? This is similar, but the bonus is, the email revolves totally around you and your experiences. I will delve into your email with the knowledge and experience I have in working with so many different problems and zoom in on the negative patterns that surface. Then we begin our email journey.

  • Three emails per session 
  • Totally confidential(your emails are deleted when we are done corresponding)
  • Your email counselling fee will be deducted from your first online consultation fee(if  you choose to do one to one sessions)


What are you waiting for, there is really nothing stopping you from doing this one.


You will book on my calendar under email session, just so that I more or less know when to look out for your email*


*due to online sessions carrying on and all my other duties, minimum turn around time to reply to your email will be 3 days at most