Group dynamics are a difficult thing to manage, especially during stressful times. Let me assist with the following:



  • Improved team cohesion and functioning
  • Resilience against negative stress
  • Enhanced decision making abilities
  • Personalized understanding of duties and how to effectively execute them
  • Role understanding within a company structure and efficient management of stressful situations




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One of the biggest takeaways for me is that ‘Gratitude is the safest emotion’. The bus accident example may have been silly but looking at all the failures one encounters on a daily basis if I stopped worrying excessively about them and found one light incident to be grateful about – I will definitely be more positive in messy situations and generally a happier human being

K Petja, Mechanical Engineering Student

The presentation was great and full of energy which allowed us to immerse ourselves in it quite easily. I enjoyed the topic of stress because it’s something we all experience and usually deal with it in unhealthy ways but this opened my eyes to how easy it is to remove yourself from that feeling of stress with the breathing process we learnt. I do not have any negative (constructive) feedback as I enjoyed the session and felt that it was presented very well

A Odhav, Analyst (Monocle Solutions)

Aiden assisted my sales team with their performance, inspiration and general execution. The results in sales performance, energy levels, confidence and motivation of the external Business Development Managers in the regions and the internal Sales support administrator were dramatic, measurable and immediate. Using Aiden for the team was by far the best investment I made in my sales team. It paid for itself many times over. Highly recommended if you or your sales team are looking to supercharge your performance and more importantly, your results

S Sibeko, Private Equity