One to one sessions are a great way to work on a variety of obstacles that you may face:



Trauma Relief

Pain Management

Anxiety Relief

Assisted Healing through Subconscious guidance

Addiction recovery processes

Smoking Cessation

Depression Relief



Any unwanted behavioral patterns within your mind is not conducive to a harmonious relationship with your goals. In a non-judgmental environment where confidentiality is assured, we will work on a client centered approach. This means that the focus will be on creating the solutions you need within your specific realm of values, behaviors and understanding. This process is way more favorable to a positive outcome than working on merely symptomatic problems.

I can highly recommend Aiden and his abilities to not only connect to, but support and guide the people he works with.

Dr. Beulah van der Westhuizen

I am so glad I took the time for one of Aiden’s rejuvenation sessions because that was exactly what is was. Rejuvenation after a lot of drama and sadness the last few weeks. I am definitely calmer and I feel almost part of the universe in my own special place. Thank you for the opportunity….

Eranda Kock

Aiden has the ability to help people of all ages, but especially children. He has been a friend and mentor for 7 years, and I can recommend his work wholeheartedly.

Pamela Quin CHt CPTh

Great experience! Definitely highly recommended..

Zanelle Smit

Wow experience. My search paid off.

Pieter Loots