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Letting go – a story of death…

The hairy male baboon’s eyes darted around the area, looking for threats. He knew this was a dangerous place and his life could end immediately. Exposed in the open like he was, was never a good shield against predators. He just could not help himself. He cautiously approached the dead, […]

Are we really loved for who we are without judgment?

“The Comforter will not enforce change onto me, if I have not decided on such change, due to the Comforter’s unconditional Love and respect for my choice of being” – Marcel Lottering Free will. We have heard it before, we may have glimpsed at it from a distance or we […]

Defining Beauty

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – Shakespeare Defining Beauty. What is it? What does it evoke to describe something or someone as beautiful? Do we, or can we define beauty? I think that if we have to […]

Strangers that walk among us – also known as children

“Your children are not your children” – Kahlil Gibran This sentence means so many different things to me but the one pertinent question that I pondered over, the one thing that led me to so many interesting facts and that also made me realize that we are all a little crazy, […]

Can I betray another to be true to myself?

If I had to choose between intellectual knowledge and felt wisdom, I would choose the latter. This dawned on me a short time ago and I was wondering where I have forsaken wisdom because I was being true to others. The only thing that comes to mind is religion. I have always […]

Walking as Spirit in flesh

To perceive, I look through my eyes and not with them. To invigorate life, I breathe with my diaphragm and not my nose. To understand, I listen with my heart and not my ears. To expand awareness, I think with my soul and not my mind. To state boldly or humbly express, […]

Running from our senses – do we need to do that?

When we meditate, pray or even just ponder deeply, do we try and disconnect from our senses to reach a part of us that lies hidden from them? After reading a very interesting book called Siddharta, written by Hermann Hesse, it made sense that we should incorporate our senses as […]

For the abused, betrayed and the fallen.

Futile faith that someday this dirt will wash away. Wishing, hoping that just maybe today will be the day. The day that the winds of change blows us to peace and joy, unfortunately the objective of this feeling is to destroy. Destroy the well-being of our inner sanctum, our essence […]

Knowledge and Essence

Lacking in essence Lusting in fear These individuals are always readily near. Consuming with criticism Manipulating with melancholy They want to drag you down through their own folly. Soothing with sinister subtleties Spiting life by spitting strife Their own arrogant illusions run rife. Let knowledge be your cheer Let reason […]

A most bitter truth is better than the sweetest lie.

I often wonder what earth will be like if humans were completely honest with each other? What would businesses, schools, hospitals and even churches be like? In The four agreements by Migel Angel Ruiz, the first one he states is “be impeccable with your word”. Amongst the many truths that […]