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What is Failure?

“The only failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows” This statement is as profound as it is confusing. Like any good investigator we will have to ask certain questions to find what it is we are looking for. Let us attempt to analyse this […]

Let the river run

To construct mind maps of our reality is nothing new, we all see things from our frame of reference and, depending on our value systems, this frame of reference will continue to change. It made me wonder about the value system of spiritual path takers. The origin of the word […]

What harms us, heals us

Every one of us on this planet goes through pain. Whether it is emotional, physical or even spiritual pain, it happens. Sometimes these feelings are so intense that we would rather accept the temptation of death than to face the fury of our own suffering. What if we accepted one […]


Staring down the barrel of a silver handgun, the shopkeeper had no idea what was happening until the command came. “Give me all of your money or I swear I will kill you on the spot!”. Eyes wide with adrenalin and laced with doubt, was staring at the shopkeeper from […]


More Hypnosis uses.

Hypnosis has been known for assisting with a variety of troubles. The most common things that Hypnosis is used for include: Smoking cessation, pain management, trauma relief, anger management, focus and concentration, weight loss programs, stress management, depression and anxiety. If you find you need assistance with any of these, […]


Session questions

Will I bounce around like a chicken and bark like a dog? Never in a therapeutic session. Maybe in a hypnosis show, but that is completely different from a hypnosis therapy session. The two cannot be linked at all. Most people have only seen hypnosis used in a setting where […]