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Infidelity of the Creator

Who created us? Why were we created? Were we created or are we just specks of dust hanging around a cloud of energy of thought? Are we still being created? Did we create ourselves? Who created the creator? Who knows? A creation, gives indication of a creator, or at least in […]

Walking as Spirit in flesh

To perceive, I look through my eyes and not with them. To invigorate life, I breathe with my diaphragm and not my nose. To understand, I listen with my heart and not my ears. To expand awareness, I think with my soul and not my mind. To state boldly or humbly express, […]

Angel of death

On our everyday journey from the moment we awake, do we even think of dying that day? I know that some of us wish we would die, but seriously, what would happen then? Do we die? Does a part of us survive after death? Even amongst scientists, this issue seems […]

Death of a friend

You were you and therefore you were perfect. You had your weaknesses and your blessings and for a moment in time you even had your peace. While eternity was blinking an eye, we were friends. Not friends who socially interacted much, neither did we spend a lot of time together. […]