Tag: Duality


Lying in a tiny puddle of her own tears, she wondered what she did wrong? She wondered why she was in this room. Why did she choose this room again? Why never the other one? Her finely woven light blue dress was curved in a way reminiscent of a used towel thrown […]

Feeble Fallible Fading Fantasy

Live in the dark? No! Live in the light! We try to avoid pain with all our might. Supposed experts say, stay positive, things will change. The reality is actually more strange. We grasp for knowledge of how to be, what to eat, how to live. Science, logic and intelligence […]

Disorders of life?

It is a prominent thing in our society to feel that we need to have a label for what is happening to us. Is it so uncommon to hear that he has Cancer, she has Down Syndrome, my child suffers from ADHD, his children are both Autistic, I have Asthma, […]