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Infidelity of the Creator

Who created us? Why were we created? Were we created or are we just specks of dust hanging around a cloud of energy of thought? Are we still being created? Did we create ourselves? Who created the creator? Who knows? A creation, gives indication of a creator, or at least in […]

My only Prayer

  (from Spiritual Poetry of Rhyme) Universal understanding is never demanding. Every quantum particle I behold, Vibrates with a love quite bold. Your being unto me is everything I see, So let me start this humble prayer for You, from me: Worldly vibrations and mere vocabulary, Will never describe Your […]

Heaven & Hell

What is heaven?  What is hell?  Those who think they know, will do their best to try and explain it to others and convince them of the benefits of heaven and drill the fear of hell into them! These fear based concepts seem to work for a lot of people. […]

To love as God loves?

We are a species, connected to other living things on this planet. We affect each other with every single choice we make and with every single choice, we are either promoting welfare on this planet or creating destruction. We are in charge of these choices. Granted, there are things in […]