Tag: judgment.

For Life

A tree withers, a rose blooms, a castle majestic once, now in ruins. If love is gained and life is lost, what then will be eternity’s cost? A hand stretches out, manifestation of soul, unto itself it has one goal. To savour love, to relish being, who then can perceive […]


  Courage (From Latin word cor meaning heart): Original definition when it first came into the English language was to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. To be ourselves is probably one of the hardest things we can do. We have a fear of judgement that forms […]

Feeble Fallible Fading Fantasy

Live in the dark? No! Live in the light! We try to avoid pain with all our might. Supposed experts say, stay positive, things will change. The reality is actually more strange. We grasp for knowledge of how to be, what to eat, how to live. Science, logic and intelligence […]

Forgiveness unnecessary.

When we behold the entirety of the universe and all the connections that take place on a daily basis, we can only but stand in awe.  This complex organism that we call life, is undeniably infinite. Where does it end? Where does it start? Our universe centers, for most of […]