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Angry lately?

“To be wronged is nothing unless you choose to remember it”      – Confucius We all experience anger, some people might have a fleeting sensation and then it is gone, others can carry it with them for a lifetime. So, why do we get angry? The best explanation and […]

The three most difficult things to do in relationships

In a talk by Dr Wayne Dyer he mentions that there are three things that is very difficult to do:   1.    Responding with love to hate. This one seems to go deeper than I originally thought. It should be simple… When someone is moving away form their source […]

Revere and Release

  Reverence: Feel deep respect or admiration for something Revere things? If all of this is one big temporary illusion then what is the point? We get advice on how life should be, and what it should not be. Advice from professionals, family or just good friends can sometimes help […]

To love as God loves?

We are a species, connected to other living things on this planet. We affect each other with every single choice we make and with every single choice, we are either promoting welfare on this planet or creating destruction. We are in charge of these choices. Granted, there are things in […]

Disorders of life?

It is a prominent thing in our society to feel that we need to have a label for what is happening to us. Is it so uncommon to hear that he has Cancer, she has Down Syndrome, my child suffers from ADHD, his children are both Autistic, I have Asthma, […]