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Thank you, but you shouldn’t have…

Do you ever thank someone for something and then immediately afterwards tell them that they shouldn’t have. Have you ever told someone you love them and then linked the statement with the word but? Here are a few examples: I love you, but…. Thank you, but you shouldn’t have… What a nice gift, […]

The Essence of Love

Explanation of how I feel towards you, will always be challenging because of our different view. I wish I could let you feel what I feel and have felt, but I do not wish for you to dwell where I have dwelt. In the darkest deepest corners of the mind, […]

The three most difficult things to do in relationships

In a talk by Dr Wayne Dyer he mentions that there are three things that is very difficult to do:   1.    Responding with love to hate. This one seems to go deeper than I originally thought. It should be simple… When someone is moving away form their source […]